Jabra Headset-kabel

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The Jabra GN1210 cord is the solution for carbon-based telephone systems where microphone amplification is needed. It has been designed to offer ample amplification at an affordable price.Now your choice of headset is no longer limited by the telephone system. With the Jabra GN1210 cord you are able to connect a range of GN's most popular professional Jabra headsets dedicated for all-day use in even the toughest environments. And best of all, the Jabra GN1210 cord represents an extremely affordable solution to amplification for carbon-based systems.Jabra GN1210 ensures that no carbon-based telephone system sound-level is too high or too low. Simply connect the Jabra GN1210 cord and Jabra headset from GN through the Quick Disconnect (QD) plug and set the amplification level to your preference.


Tillverkare Jabra
Förpackad kvantitet 1
Produktlinje Jabra
Typ av AV-kabel Headset-kabel
Kontakttyp vänster Snabburkoppling
Kontakttyp höger mini-USB Typ B