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Compactflash 8GB

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One of the world's most popular digital mass-storage devices, CompactFlash memory cards from Kingston bridge the gap between hungry storage requirements and affordability. Users of digital cameras, PDAs and other digital devices can quickly and easily download or transfer digital files between various digital devices and the Internet, using a card that easily fits in the palm of the hand.With the speed of a memory chip and better portability than a floppy, Kingston CompactFlash memory cards offer greater storage than many other media cards, at a fraction of the cost. They're available in a variety of capacities, so users are sure to find the right size to fit their needs. Best of all, Kingston's legendary quality and reliability are a standard feature on every card.


CompactFlash I Ja
Kapacitet 8 GB
Överföringshastighet (läsa) 6 MB/s
Överföringshastighet (skriva) 5 MB/s

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