Acer Seagate Momentus 7200.4

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Seagate Momentus unlocks the power of notebook computers with a 5400-RPM spin speed and optional 8MB cache buffer. Momentus stands head-to-head with 4200-RPM notebook drives in BatteryMark tests, while simultaneously increasing system level performance by almost 50 percent. Seagate Momentus delivers the experience, commitment and innovation you expect from the world's leading manufacturer of disc drives.


Tillverkare Acer
Förpackad kvantitet 1
Modell 7200.4
Produktlinje Seagate Momentus
Typ Mekanisk HDD
Hårddisk och Lagring
Hårddiskkapacitet 250 GB
Formfaktor x höjd 2.5"
Hårddisk / Formfaktor (metrisk) 6.4 cm
Formfaktor 2.5"
Hårddisk / Formfaktor (kort) (metrisk) 6.4 cm
Hårddisktyp Intern hårddisk
Anslutning SATA-300
RPM 7200 rpm
Form Factor 2.5"