Fujitsu Portreplikator

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  • 5010752888
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  • S26391-F1147-L110


Flexibility, expandability, in the office or at home it takes just a second to attach your notebook to the port replicate and get connected to your external display, keyboard and mouse, for example. Your workplace is simple and tidy while you are ready to work with your notebook.


Tillverkare Fujitsu
Typ av nätdel Strömadapter
Mått och vikt
Yttermått bredd 38.5 cm
Yttermått djup 11.8 cm
Yttermått höjd 4 cm
Vikt 0.56 kg
Features Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately)
Service och support
Service & support 1 år
Externa Anslutningar
DisplayPort-anslutningar, ut 1 st
HDMI-anslutningar, ut 0 st
DVI-D-anslutningar, ut 0 st
RJ-45-anslutningar 1 st
DVI-I-anslutningar, ut 1 st
VGA-anslutningar 1 st
USB 2.0-anslutningar 4 st
e-SATA-anslutningar 1 st
Parallell anslutningar 1 st
Seriell-anslutningar 1 st