Epson Papper Prem Glossy 24" 30m Rulle 250g


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Epson has earned a strong reputation for first-class printers, which offer an outstanding combination of quality, reliability and value for money. However, unless these products are complemented by Epson consumables, users cannot expect to fully capitalize on their investment. Epson understands that printing is a process, with printer, inks and paper working together to offer the ultimate in quality output. With this in mind, Epson produces consumables that offer optimum performance throughout a long, trouble-free, working life.This Premium Glossy Photo Paper is gloss finished, resin coated and delivers instant dry. This paper is ideal for premium high gloss photo reproductions with 1440 dpi high-resolution printing.


Paper specification
Modell Bläck
Storlek Rulle
Tum storlek 24 "
Bredd 610 mm
Längd 30 m
Typ av papper Fotopapper
Papperskvalitet Glossy
Pappersvikt 250 g/m²
Dubbelsidig Nej
Hålat/Ohålat Ohålat