Manfrotto Compact Advanced

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The Compact Advanced features an inventive, foldable three-way head for great stability and accuracy in framing your subject. This tripod is target at more advanced photo enthusiasts who own an entry level DSLR with standard zoom lenses up to 200 mm.This three-way head has two independent, ergonomic levers. One control both pan and tilt movement simultaneously whereas the second controls leveling. With these two control-levers you can easily obtain level, well-framed images and regulate all movements independently.This head has been specifically designed to minimize dimensions and maximize portability. A unique mechanism allows the levers to be folded when the head is not in use, making the tripod easier and more convenient to carry. The high performance three-way head combined with reinforced, five-section tubes make the Compact Advanced the optimal solution for rigidity whilst also being able to reach the superior height of 165 cm/65-inch when extended.


Förpackad kvantitet 1
Modell Advanced
Märke Manfrotto
Produktlinje Manfrotto Compact
Produkttyp Tripod
Stativ / Max arbetshöjd 165 cm
Stativ / Min arbetshöjd 44.5 cm
Stativ / Max vikt som stöds 3 kg
Stativ / Snabbutlösningssystem Ja
Stativ / Enheter som stöds Videokamera, Kamera
Stativ / Typ Stativ
Färg Black
Mått och vikt
Vikt 1.42 kg