ASUS Z Stylus

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  • 90XB02WP-BTO000


ASUS Z Stylus features a slim and elegant design that feels natural in your hand. It employs a combination of unique firmware and tuning for exceptional performance and compatibility with ASUS tablets. Z Stylus utilizes special circuitry and a 1.2mm tip to ensure accurate and precise input when working with popular apps like E-Mail, Supernote, and other apps for hover function.Its two buttons can be programmed for hover or erase functions; with Palm Rejection technology preventing accidental inputs. Z Stylus doesn't require a Bluetooth connection, and its single AAAA battery gives it up to 150 hours of use or 225 days of standby time. When not in use, the clip-on design secures it in your pocket or bag. Z Stylus comes with an additional durable tip, effectively doubling the lifespan of your stylus.


Tillverkare ASUS
Färg Svart
Produkttyp Penna
Batterityp AAAA
Färg Svart
Mått och vikt
Yttermått bredd 14.86 cm
Yttermått djup 0.96 cm
Yttermått höjd 0.96 cm
Vikt 0.01185 kg