Multibrackets M Motorized Touch Tilt & Table

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Multibrackets M Motorized Touch Tilt & Table 150 kg Max - Mounting kit for LCD TV - silver - screen size: 48" - 84"

Introducing M Motorized Tilt & Table 150 kg. Position your screen by a click. Up, down or horizontal table position. Our innovative floorstand tailored for large size screens and touch displays seamlessly integrate your display offering a high level of flexibility. The M Motorized Tilt & Table is useful for screens up to 84”.

These advanced solutions will provide accessible, comfortable and ergonomically correct touchscreen positioning that improves productivity and enhances the overall user experience.

When screens get big mobile counts. Often high on cost the screens needs to be moved between rooms, and sometimes stored in a safe place. Clean designed yet robust and stabile mobile floorstand prevents the touch screen from shaking when being used. The usage of heavy duty high performance wheels makes it easy to move. The motors electrical height adjustment is easy to adjust to be on par with its audience. Screen height adjusted to a standing or sitting audience is just a click away as well as the sought after horizontal table position for touch screens.

The mechanical and housing is design to give simple and smart usage and an overall professional feel that fits well in both corporate and classroom environments. Never has a large size screen been so easy to adjust via the remote control. No technical know-how or previous usage is needed to control the M Motorized Floorstand.

Holding a wide range of up to VESA specification up to 800x600 and up to 150 kg it can hold most large screens the market has to offer, also the more powerful touch screens such as Microsoft Surface Hub and other similar solutions.

A variety of accessories available (optional) makes this product ideal for use anywhere where a screens need to alternate heights or moved around. Also ideal in public or classroom applications where the display or touch screen needs to be locked away after usage.


Large screen capacity 150 kg max
VESA 800x600 max
Motorized movement for a perfect position
Move the screen up, down or to a table position
The quiet electrical motor discreetly but distinct moves the screen in position
Optimized for your audience, sitting, standing or leaning over the screen
Made to pass through doorways and over thresholds
A variety of accessories available
Unit comes pre-mounted and reduces installation time significantly