Telldus Mini Plug-In Receiver Z-Wave

Prisvärd uttag med den senaste Z-Waveteknologin

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We are pround and happy to present this brand new plug-in smart switch. The switch contains the latest Z-Wave technology with the ability to control the on/off of lights and other electronic equipment up to 2300W. Due to the Z-Wave technology, the plug may be used as a repeater for the whole Z-Wave network. It is designed to be as small as possible and if you use it in a 2-way wall socket outlet there will still be room for other plugs. Something which has been next to impossible with plugs of other makes.

The plug is very easy to install and integrate into our smart systems - Telldus Live! Once you’ve installed it, you can simply set up schedules and create events that will control the connected equipment at certain times, according to sunrise and sunset, or when a sensor reaches a certain value. Moreover, you can see the status of the plug in real time in both Telldus Live! and our smartphone app.