Clavister NGFW-E10

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The Clavister E10 is the perfect entry-level next-generation security appliances, built to deliver comprehensive and powerful enterprise-grade firewall services. Perfectly suited as a customer premise equipment (CPE) in MSSP scenarios or offering enterprise-class security for small branch offices and remote locations. The Clavister E10 is an ideal in solution where multiple firewalls are deployed, often over geographically dispersed areas, and where there’s a strong need for a centrally managed, scalable network security solution.

Uptime Technologies

Clavister E10 comes with powerful features to ensure that your network infrastructure is online and ready for work. Features like Fast Route Failover, WAN Load Balancing, Secure WAN Load Balancing with robust VPN tunnels simultaneously used across multiple WAN links, guarantee uninterrupted communication with your headquarter

Powerful Next-Generation Firewall

The Clavister E10 is a full NGFW, but it also has all the traditional security features, such as stateful firewall with deep-packet inspection, powered by our own in-house developed network security operating system, the Clavister cOS Core. As well as providing all traditional firewall functions, such as port blocking and proxy server, the Clavister E10 incorporate next-generation firewall features to detect and block sophisticated application-level attacks. This means a higher level of security, higher traffic throughput and minimal use of system resources.


The Clavister E10 provides next-generation security services across all points of your network without sacrificing performance throughput. Purpose-built hardware running on our highly efficient network security operating system ensures that the firewall performance throughput is one of the highest in the industry, making sure that your Clavister firewall will not be a bottleneck in your network infrastructure.


We strive to make things easy to understand and easy to use. This includes everything from hardware design to security management. We build highly customizable enterprise-grade firewalls, and despite the inherent complexity, we make an effort of making it easy to use. For example, our highly acclaimed centralized security management system, Clavister InControl uses color-coded attribute groups to provide a clear overview over dependencies that the firewall rules have to each other, making human errors less likely to occur. By combining policies and services into one, firewall policy management can be simplified and made easy to use. This results in fewer policy rules, making it easier to manage and less likely to cause a security breach.


  • Cost-effective next-generation firewall for remote-/branch offices and as CPE in MSSP scenarios
  • Next-generation firewall and UTM services, including Clavister True Application Control and User Identity Awareness
  • Built-in support for both IPsec and SSL VPN offers easy to use remote connectivity
  • Centralized Management and reporting comes included in the Clavister Security Subscriptions and ensures efficient administration also in large network with many devices
  • High-end network infrastructure features, such as QoS/Traffic Management and WAN Load Balancing, are all included
  • Specifikationer

    Tillverkare Clavister
    Nätverk och kommunikation
    Genomströmningshastighet 1000 *Mbit/s
    Genomströmningshastighet VPN 100 *Mbit/s
    Max IPsec tunnlar 10 st
    Max SSL tunnlar 10 st
    Standarder som följs
    Kompatibel standard EMC: CE Class B, FCC Class B, VCCI Class B / Safety: UL
    Mått och vikt
    Yttermått bredd 18 cm
    Yttermått djup 13.1 cm
    Yttermått höjd 3.4 cm
    Vikt 0.63 kg
    Formfaktor Skrivbordsmodell
    Antal portar 4

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